Matte is All That

After wrapping up at the Dwell On Design Show last month, I am beyond excited about what the future holds for the design industry.  Willis had the opportunity to partner with Arpa Industriale to showcase both Arpa High Pressure Laminate and debut FENIX Nanotech Matte Smart material to the North American market.  What a whirlwind!  The amount of traffic in our booth was astounding, and the buzz around FENIX NTM got me pumped.

If you know me, you know that we have been feverishly studying “Alison” – the Confused Consumer – and what she wants in terms of design.  Alison is confused about all of her options.  When it comes to surfacing materials, we have unearthed a growing area of concern that Alison needs to consider when selecting a surface: reflectivity.  Following all of the buzz that FENIX NTM received at Dwell – and even receiving a “Best Design Material” award at the show - I am certain that our assumptions about reflectivity were dead on.  Matte finishes are in, and they’re not going away anytime soon.
When a material is non-reflective, it reduces potential eye strain associated with light reflecting off the surface – a quality that is particularly important for an aging population.  FENIX NTM is a smart material with many advantages – such as self-healing, hygienic and no fingerprints – but for Alison, its the matte finish of FENIX NTM that provides answers to problems associated with reflectivity.
Check out images below and find more information about FENIX at  This is one material you don’t want to miss.