Kitchen Mega-Trends Uncovered

If you’ve been to one of my Evenings of Inspiration (EOI), you know that it’s my passion to seek out the latest and greatest mega-trends in kitchen design.  I’m always looking for the next big design idea.
I recently found an interesting article that hit the nail on the head in terms of designs that I’ve highlighted in my EOI presentations (click here to view the full article).  Do you agree that these trends will show up more and more in the kitchens of the future?
Technology-Centered Kitchen
Concept: Placing a heavy focus on staying connected with the use of technology. 
My thoughts: Incorporating technology into design can be a risky move.  Technology moves at a rapid pace and quickly becomes out-dated.
Concept: Using movement in design to maximize the function of a space.
My thoughts: This will be the biggest trend in the kitchen of the future.  Forms Follows Function.
Visually-Minimized Design
Concept: “Hiding” a variety of design elements to create a clean look that still functions.
My thoughts: Homeowners don’t always want every element of their kitchen on display.  “Hidden” kitchens not only create a more simple-looking space, but – like movement – bring an added element of functionality by their ability to be reconfigured.


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  2. Automation is amazing in a kitchen. Love the use of space it creates and the ease of day to day living!


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