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Willis President & CEO Joins K + BB Editorial Advisory Board

Willis CEO Mike Hetherman to Join Esteemed Panel of Industry Experts Burlington, Ontario, April 25, 2014 —Willis President & CEO, Mike Hetherman, has recently joined the Editorial Advisory Board for Kitchen & Bath Business Magazine. As a CKD for over 20 years and a prominent figure in the building supply industry, Mike will be working closely with the other members of the board to contribute industry expertise to the many outlets provided by K+BB Magazine. With his acquisition of a role on the K+BB Editorial Advisory Board, Mike will be providing his insights on trends, ideas and evaluation on industry issues.Said Mike, “Connecting people to information is the key to ensuring that our industry stays relevant.My new role with K+BB is sure to be a great outlet for further connecting and sharing such information.” In addition to his ongoing contributions to the board, Mike will be participating in exclusive events in which are geared towards unearthing relevant topics to the kitchen …

Myth: “Knowledge is Power”

Many people are familiar with the old adage “knowledge is power”.People believe that acquiring new information can, in some way, prove to be of benefit.But the question becomes: what makes knowledge powerful if you don’t use it?
I would challenge the assumption that knowledge is power - because without action, knowledge is only interesting.Think about modern education.We have changed the knowledge base of society but people are less likely to act on what they know. My belief is that knowledge in conjunction with action is real power.In this day of information, we all have access to a wealth of knowledge.It is easy for us to acquire new information and ideas, but we frequently fail to apply the information and mobilize.If we do not act upon our ideas, we remain stagnant. I believe it is important to make a strategic effort to mobilize our ideas and knowledge, for when we do, great results can occur.This is where the real power lies. I challenge you all to get up, get out from behind your d…