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Ending consumer confusion in the countertop 'biz'

Premium Decorative Surfaces.  These three little words are bringing a renewed excitement to the countertop industry.

So what arePremium Decorative Surfaces?

When you move beyond the realm of laminate countertops, you have entered into the world of Premium Decorative Surfaces.  From quartz to granite, from solid surface to soapstone, these “higher-end” surfaces are what consumers look for when they want to bring a definitive and “upgraded” style to their kitchen and bath countertop.  Not only is the countertop often the focal point of any kitchen or bathroom, it is the most highly used surface in the entire household.  It is understandable, then, that there has been a strong consumer focus on searching for the “perfect” countertop material.  However, once the search for the “perfect” surface begins, so also begins the phenomenon known as “consumer confusion”.  Consumers now, more than ever, are confused about all of their options and are confused about the overwhelming amount of informat…

The Hard and Soft of It: Hardening of Homes in North America

At some point in the 1970s or 1980s, there came a grandiose design scheme called “open concept”.This truly changed the way our homes functioned.The open concept designer trends became wildly popular – and yet not a single consideration was made for the acoustical sacrifice that comes along with these aesthetic changes.

Ponder this quote: “When we come home, it’s supposed to be our sanctuary.What’s happened is, we’ve gone on this amazing technological revolution where everything around us is technology but often the compromise in the design is that the sound hasn’t been considered, so you’ve got this massive orchestra at home.” My recently passed father-in-law, John, certainly felt the effects of this acoustical "orchestra" while living in our home.When my daughter would serve meals on our quartz kitchen island, John would cringe at the sound of the dishware clanking on the hard surface.Switching to a more sound-absorbent countertop surface would have made a world of difference…