New Colors, New Aesthetics, New Design Landscape from DuPont Surfaces

New Colors, New Aesthetics, New Design Landscape from DuPont Surfaces

How the latest colors from DuPont™ Surfaces are changing the commercial and residential design landscape.

Call me a Corian® guy, and I won’t deny it.  Corian® is one of the most fantastic raw materials available to the building supply market.  But beyond a raw material, the last few years have seen a resurgence of incredibly innovative and inspirational colors from the DuPont Surfaces team - being capped off this year with the launch of new, unmatched, patented aesthetics for both Corian® solid surfaces and Zodiaq® quartz surfaces.

I have spent my 25+ year tenure as a CKD traveling the globe to seek out the latest design trends and bring them to the North American design community.  The bulk of my best-received, “ah-ha!” ideas tend to come from Europe.  Whether it’s moving countertops, ornate furnishings, or entirely new building materials, Europeans seem to have a looking glass into the future of design.  This year’s new colors of Corian® and Zodiaq® have that European flare that fills a gap in certain design aesthetics that were missing from the North American (and global) surfaces market.

My take on how these colors hit the mark:

Reason 1: Veining.  Movement.  Intricate patterns.
The new Prima Collection of Corian® colors offer patented, never-before-seen aesthetics that many probably thought were not possible with solid surface materials.  The pronounced veining offers the dramatic appeal of marble all the while maintaining the benefits of being a workable, renewable material.

Corian® Limestone Prima Tabletops
Corian® Smoke Drift Prima Countertops

Reason 2: Urban inspiration. 
Corian® Carbon Concrete
The Concrete Collection of Corian® colors provides a raw, neutral palette while still capturing touches of movement, texture and visual intrigue.

Reason 3: “White hot” colors and a nuanced neutrals. 
What more can I say?  Neutrals will always win for those who want a one-and-done approach to selecting their countertop color.  Neutral colors do not fade in and out of color trends; they are a permanent fixture and always have a place in the residential and commercial surfaces market.

Backlit Corian® Gray Onyx
Reason 4: Playing with light.

The 1/2" thickness of Corian® allows for unique back-lighting options that are not possible with other opaque surfacing materials.  The new Onyx Collection not only hits the mark with all previously mentioned attributes, but offers an incredible depth with its swirling patterns and varying levels of opacity.  In my opinion, these colors are a huge win for the commercial segment.

Reason 5: Pick no bone with stone.
Quartz surfaces are sky-rocketing in popularity, especially in the residential market.  Homeowners seem to be veering away from the robotic-granite-buying experience – all the while maintaining a strong appreciation for stone surfaces.  While perhaps nothing can capture the unique colors and patterns that come with a natural stone surface, the quartz color palette is evolving at a rapid pace, offering more and more unique, natural-stone-like aesthetics.  The entire Pietra Collection of Zodiaq® colors – six of which are new for 2017 – provide a fantastic variety of options that take these aesthetics to the next level with unique veining and patterns.

Zodiaq® Valente Pearl
Of course, this is just my take on one of the most exciting DuPont Surfaces color palettes that I’ve seen after 30 years in the building supply industry.  I invite you to explore the new colors for yourself and see how these colors can bring a differentiated design to your world.

New Colors of Corian® and Zodiaq® for 2017


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