Myth: “Knowledge is Power”

Many people are familiar with the old adage “knowledge is power”.  People believe that acquiring new information can, in some way, prove to be of benefit.  But the question becomes: what makes knowledge powerful if you don’t use it?
I would challenge the assumption that knowledge is power - because without action, knowledge is only interesting.  Think about modern education.  We have changed the knowledge base of society but people are less likely to act on what they know.
My belief is that knowledge in conjunction with action is real power.  In this day of information, we all have access to a wealth of knowledge.  It is easy for us to acquire new information and ideas, but we frequently fail to apply the information and mobilize.  If we do not act upon our ideas, we remain stagnant.
I believe it is important to make a strategic effort to mobilize our ideas and knowledge, for when we do, great results can occur.  This is where the real power lies.
I challenge you all to get up, get out from behind your desk and put your knowledge to work.  Act upon your new-found knowledge and let it be the most powerful influencer in achieving your goals.
How can you better turn your ideas into action?
So, in the future, let’s de-bunk the myth “knowledge is power” and change it to “Knowledge in Action is Real Power”.


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