Launched and Learning

I have previously discussed the principles of “To begin, you must start”, but what happens after you start working towards an idea or goal?  Once you have started moving towards any particular goal, the next phase is what I like to call “launched and learning”.

How do we manage the process of execution after we launch?

It all begins with managing the feedback loop.  In order to receive the most beneficial feedback, we must connect with the marketplace, the customers, the sales teams and the customer service representatives who are experiencing the plan that has been put into action.  These people at the front line have invaluable input as they are seeing first-hand the measurable results of your idea.  Managing the feedback loop is critical in order to evaluate what adjustments need to be made in order to reach your end goal.

And it’s not just a “one and done”.  We must continually measure, analyze, adjust and repeat until our idea has come to a successful fruition.


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