To begin... you must start.

I know that sounds very strange, but it is one of the most powerful statements that a leader can hear. It is so easy to never get started and, in fact, this is an area in which innovation is dying in North America.

I'm sure you have heard the term "paralysis by analysis". Today, most leaders suffer from trying to have all the answers before they start a project. FEAR!  The end result? Leaders will pull the plug because they can’t get everything to line up. Or, by the time they get it right, it's too late, and the market has already shifted, resulting in a “dead” idea.

So how do we know when to start? It is critical to hone your gut feel and know when you have enough information to make a call. For me, it's around the 60% gut feel line – what I call, “The Sweet Spot”.  At 90%, you are probably being too conservative, and at 40%, probably too risky. So how do we put it into action? As a leader, I challenge you to drive your team to help get you to the start line. Be focused on the effort to get you there. Challenge, push, analyze, assess risks - but once you get to 60% and are in consensus with your team, then BEGIN.

The one thing I know is this: all of the answers will come to light once you start. There is no one who can predict all of the variables. In fact, great leaders view this time as the most exciting time. Many of the original strategies with which we started have changed - some a little, some dramatically. That's part of the excitement of building opportunities.

More than once, we have discovered a gold mine once we have launched. As you START, the marketplace will reveal so much more than you will ever experience in a boardroom. 

Embrace and enjoy this process. Launched and learning.


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